Spring is well and truly here at Creative Kids Emerson Park and we have had lots of fun taking part in some lovely, creative activities.

Last month we celebrated the Easter holidays by taking part in a variety of activities such as nest making using shredded wheat and chocolate – Yummy! Some rooms even had Easter egg hunts as well. Throughout the rest of the month we have also been looking more into Spring with some rooms making their own daffodils or flower gardens to growing their own green beans in pots to take home. We are now in the character topic around the nursery and the children are enjoying seeing some of their television and book characters displayed on our topic boards.

We love learning all about the children’s interests throughout our planned, whole nursery topics and it is lovely to see their faces light up or hear the children talking about what they can see on display within our rooms. We are looking forward to the next few weeks and gradually welcoming summer into the nursery.