Its June here at Creative Kids Nursery Emerson Park and we have just started our animal topic, it is the perfect topic for all of the lovely weather which we have been having as we can venture into the garden to discover all of the summer insects we will be learning about from bumblebees to butterflies!

Each year for our animal topic we get Caterpillars for each room so that the children can watch them grow and turn into butterflies. We then have a butterfly party tea where we release all of the butterflies together as we watch them fly away into the blue sky.

For pets week around the nursery staff look forward to bringing in their own pets from home for the children to meet, this is often a rabbit or a guinea pig.

Due to having lots of beautiful weather recently we also have a new colourful rainbow water sprinkler for the children to use when they are outside in the big garden for garden time. This is a lovely way for the children to cool down.

We look forward to more summer fun and days in the next few months as we continue into our summer holidays topic.