Its been a very exciting summer here at Creative Kids Emerson Park. Last month started off with the European football championships, as a nursery we all enjoyed watching and supporting England and we were all feeling proud when they made it to the final game. To show all of our support, we encouraged the children to decorate their own flags and football pictures for this. Alongside the Euros it was also the Wimbledon final as well. The Olympic games have now begun, we are rooting for those Great Britain Gold awards! Through playing and learning, we have been encouraging the children to join in and experience these events for themselves, from kicking balls into the football nets in the big garden, to racing in the garden with all of their friends, to jumping as high as they can to throwing as far as they can. Little by little we are always teaching and inspiring the children during their time at Creative Kids Day Nursery. We have enjoyed getting creative and messy for our summer and holidays topic. We are enjoying listening to all that the children are getting up to during this summer season to!