We have had a variety of reasons to celebrate and get colourful and creative this month for our colour and light topic. We have enjoyed it all from making our red poppies to decorating our St Andrews Day flags blue, there was so much to make and do.

We kicked off the month by celebrating bonfire night on the 5th November, we mad lots of colourful pictures to resemble fireworks in the night sky which we heard or saw and we shared stories that some of the children had seen.

We then celebrated Diwali, the children enjoyed hearing stories from their friends about how they celebrate Diwali at home with their families. Across the nursery all rooms participated in decorating their own Diva Lamps and Rangoli patterns which were displayed beautifully outside of the nursery for all parents to see.

As you can see we have had a colourful and very creative month and we have had lots of fun, we are now looking forward to making the last month of the year a fun one too!