We start to introduce more structure

As your child moves to the toddler room the staff will start to introduce more structure to their daily routine. Table top activities will be introduced where the children will have the opportunity to sit at a table with their peers and staff members to play with the toys.

The children will be encouraged with the support of the staff to start feeding themselves both their main meal and finger food. Open top cups will also be introduced at meal times with their closed beaker still being on offer during the day.

Circle time will be introduced

Circle time will be introduced, this is where the children will learn simple animal, primary colour and basic shape flashcards. Towards the end of the year in the toddler room they will begin self-recognition at both circle time and meal times.

The toddler room will now have the freedom of the large fully equipped garden and be able to build on their confidence and risk taking with the support of their staff and peers.

If parents feel their child is ready for potty training towards the end of the year then the staff will support both the child and parents through this transition.