We aim to build on your child’s independence

In this room we will aim to build on your child’s independence and social skills with their peers and adults. We will also work closely with the parents/carer to support you and your child to start the potty training process.

The staff within the room will plan daily activities around the children’s interests and these will cover the areas of learning stated in the Early Years Foundation Stage. Children learn through play and this is encouraged by the different resources that are available, for example, construction toys, small world, role play, musical instruments and natural materials.

Build on their confidence and communication skills

Your child will begin to recognise their name, numbers, shapes, colours and alphabet. There is time during the day for group stories, singing and flashcard activities, this is to help the children to build on their confidence and communication skills in small groups.

The children will have access to different types of ICT equipment including our interactive table to help with hand and eye co –ordination, fine motor skills and all areas of development.

Towards the end of the academic year the staff will liaise with the next room to support all children for a smooth transition onto their next journey.